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Newport News Success Story

Reflecting Fashion
Client Since: August 1999
Products used:
Interactive® Customer Care™
Interactive® Direct Marketing™
Number of emails processed:
5000 to 20,000 mails per campaign.
Service Solutions: Customer Care, Business Intelligence.
Types of Services Provided: Workflow Analysis, Business Intelligence Support, Training and Consulting, Network Architecture.

Company Overview: Newport News is an exclusive women’s fashion boutique that believes in bridging the gap between price and high fashion in women’s wear with its range of reasonably priced garments, apparels and accessories. Newport’s specialists observe the fashion scene across the US and the fashion capitals of London and Paris by visiting exhibitions, trade fairs and street fashions shows. The latest trends and styles exhibited at these points inspire it’s designers based at New York to come out with the best in global fashion. In keeping with its dedication to delivering consistent quality along with the latest fashion Newport has standardized its fabric and fit and has also set up its own fabric research and development department.

Before Interactive: Newport News did a major part of its business Online; in addition to a large number of mail orders it also received a high volume of mail in the form of enquiries and feedback. This resulted in a high volume of inbound Email traffic, which needed to be responded professionally. Newport was in the fashion business where trends and customer preferences were changing faster than ever before. Mails from customers quite often reflected these changes and preferences and no fashion boutique could afford to ignore these mails. Newport wanted keep abreast of this changing scene, by getting an insight into what these mails conveyed it also wanted to know how its customers perceived it, customer complaints and issues.

The Interactive Deployment: Newport News wanted to enter into a strategic tie-up with a professional email management company and after weighing the options it chose Interactive. Interactive analyzed the situation and suggested the deployment of Interactive® Customer Care™ (CC), its well-researched Customer relationship management solution and Interactive&redg Business Intelligence™, its proprietary artificial intelligence tool. Business Intelligence analyzed the huge volume of emails on multiple parameters, and helped in interpreting the hidden meanings in these emails. CC routed them to the relevant departments to enable speedy response.

After Interactive: BI helped in understanding customer preferences and future fashions through a better interpretation of these Emails, which was vital considering that it was in the fashion business and needed to cater to the ever-changing taste of its customer base. These mails also helped Newport to understand how its customers perceived it and take remedial measures wherever necessary. Prompt and personalized response to queries and complaints enabled by CC gave Newport an image of being responsive and caring and brought it closer to its customers. The goodwill thus generated helped in retaining existing customers and winning new customers in the competitive fashion business.