Interactive – The Power of Communication

AT&T Success Story

Case Study
“Interactive® is our proven solution in terms of accuracy, workflow, and ease of use. Without it, our Business to Business customers would not receive the quality of response and service they need.” – David Wang, AT&T
Products used: Interactive® Business Intelligence™ Interactive® Customer Care™ Interactive® Direct Marketing™ 
Number of Emails processed Over 10,000 per month Over 25 Direct mail campaigns Integration with AT&T’s 10 million-record database. 
Service Solutions: Data Mining, Business Intelligence Support, Network Architecture, Workflow Analysis, Direct Mail and Strategic Planning Training and Consulting.

Company Overview: AT&T Corp. (“AT&T”) is the world’s premier voice and data communications company, serving more than 80 million customers, including consumers, businesses and government. AT&T’s revenues are over $50 billion and they employ approximately 109,000 people. AT&T provides services to virtually every country and territory around the world.

Interactive has saved AT&T over $3 million in customer support costs

Our Philosophy: AT&T knows their success in the future is tied to customer satisfaction. AT&T’s goal is to rapidly respond to their customers’ communication, and make their business customers successful by bringing to market exciting and useful ways to communicate.

What Interactive Does for AT&T? Interactive provides AT&T with an intelligent business communication tool and an integrated relationship-management solution that dramatically improves customer care, strengthens marketing and supports a mobile workforce. Interactive has delivered results between 8% and 15% in direct-mail campaigns. It also rapidly responds to business clients using automated responses with an unparalleled accuracy of over 90%.

Types of Inquiries Handled:

  • Product and pricing assistance requests
  • Video and teleconferencing support
  • Thousands of mobile workforce needs
  • National and international billing queries
  • E-commerce issues and requests
  • Thousands of varied support inquiries from 20 different company-wide divisions
  • Email feedback requests from seven major 800 and 900 communication call centers

The Real Value of Interactive: With Interactive, AT&T is managing, responding and touching its customers in ways they could have only dreamed about a few years ago. AT&T is truly reaching out and digitally touching the customers who count, and it’s their customers who are feeling the positive effects of Interactive

Interactive has identified over $10 million in new sales leads

Primary Interactive Benefits: Interactive provides sales leads and accurate responses to AT&T business clients, and routes Emails in multiple languages to representatives all over the world.