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Metavante Corporation Success Story

Marketing Financial Solutions through Email
Metavante Corporation
Client Since: February 2004
Products used:
Interactive® Direct Marketing™
Number of emails Sent::
60,000 mail since 2004
Average monthly email volume: 5,000
Service Solution:
Direct Marketing (DM).
Types of Services Provided
Database Marketing, Direct Mail and Strategic Planning, Creative Design Support, Strategic Consulting.

Company Overview: Metavante is among the oldest and leading providers of technology to the financial services industry. It is headquartered in Wisconsin, Milwaukee and is wholly owned by the Marshall & Isley Corporation. It prides in being a constantly growing and evolving company offering state of the Art technology that helps its clients to manage and deliver the transactions of values necessary to compete, retain and grow in today’s marketplace. It also offers value added products that go beyond the definition of financial services. These include prepaid debit cards, flexible spending cards, healthcare eligibility and payment cards and a complete electronic presentment and payment product suite that includes a document composition offering. Metavante believes in a Holistic approach to financial solutions that goes beyond product features and functionality and extends into synergising people, processes and technology to create integrated business solutions to meet the client’s unique opportunities and challenges.

Before Interactive: Metavante was operating in a highly competitive industry and realized that it needed to be in constant touch with its client base in order to service them better and retain them. It also wanted to reach out to new customers in the finance arena about the superiority of its offerings, innovations and unique financial products. It weighed the various options and zeroed on Interactive for a strategic tie-up to better manage its electronic communication needs.

The Interactive Deployment: Interactive analyzed the client’s needs and recommended the deployment of its well-researched Interactive® Direct Marketing™ (DM) tool as a customer relationship as well as marketing campaign tool. It leveraged its experience gained by working with high profile clients, in the finance sector, understanding their unique requirements and responding to this effectively. It took care of the entire aspect of client communications through a customized and highly targeted Email Campaign.

After Interactive: The highly customized and targeted nature of these campaigns helped Metavante to convince its target base on the superiority of its offerings, build better relations with its existing client base by constantly updating them on new developments and products that they may find useful. This helped in reinforcing its image as a constantly evolving and customer oriented company. These campaigns also helped in spreading awareness on Metavante’s capabilities among a large number of new companies in this segment. As a provider of specialty solutions to a niche market Metavante discovered that the Email was a more focused medium, immensely suited to reach and deliver its message to a niche audience than any conventional communication or advertising medium. These campaigns helped Metavante in retaining existing clients and growing new business.