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New Boston Fund Success Story

Relationship Marketing Through Email
New Boston Fund
Client Since: October 2004
Products used:
Interactive® Direct Marketing™
Service Solution: Direct Marketing
Types of Services Provided: Database Marketing.

Company Overview: New Boston Fund is a professionally managed real estate and fund management company, specializing in property acquisitions, dispositions, asset management, portfolio management, research, finance and client relations. It operates through a team of qualified and highly experienced professionals and offers its expert services to its clients directly and through its subsidiaries and strategic partnerships. It is among the nation’s fastest growing and most respected companies in this segment and has carved a niche for itself through its consistent delivery of risk adjusted rates of return to its investors. Its activities are concentrated mainly in the eastern seaboard and throughout the mid-western region.

Before Interactive: New Boston Fund was involved in the twin business activities of promoting residential and commercial property on one hand and acting as a portfolio manager for its investors on the other. It realized that winning the trust and confidence of investors and customers was primary to both fields. As a portfolio manager it needed to convince its investor base on its capabilities in making the right business moves and also win their trust as a company of integrity where their money was safe. As a real estate promoter it needed to convince potential customers on the quality of its offerings and also that it was the ideal choice for a long-term investment. The company realized that both its businesses were based on earning investor trust and confidence and relationship management would be the best method to earn this trust and confidence. It began to consider email as a communication medium to build its image and manage a long term and personalized relationship with its customer base.

The Interactive Deployment: New Boston Fund decided that its objectives could be better realized by hiring the services of a professional email management company and chose to enter into a strategic tie-up with Interactive to take care of its Electronic communications. Interactive analyzed the specific needs of the customer and decided that Interactive® Direct Marketing™ (DM) would be the ideal relationship-building and awareness creation tool to build and manage a strong customer base. It sent out highly customized and targeted campaigns highlighting Boston Funds’ achievements, track record, financial position and future plan to its clients and potential investors.

After Interactive: A sustained campaign of highly customized and targeted emails helped existing clients to understand the company better and helped in convincing them that their money was in capable and trusted hands. It also helped in generating goodwill and reinforcing its reputation as a consistent provider of risk adjusted rates among potential investors and provider of high quality housing and commercial real estate. The trust and confidence generated by these campaigns helped in creating a loyal customer base and convinced new investors to consider New Boston Fund as a healthy investment option and trusted real estate company.