Calvin Klein
“The next generation has different values and communicates in a very modern way. What you have is a new kind of intimacy that’s really a paradox–people all over the world are more in touch than ever, but they’re doing it one-to-one with Email and over the Internet.”
B3 Corp.
“We use EchoMail to reduce customer-service costs. As new questions arise, B3 trains EchoMail just as it would an employee. We had more inconsistency with our live service reps. In our tests, EchoMail answered as much as 95% of all Emails correctly.”
Mass High Tech
“Dr. E-Mail, aka V.A. Shiva, is a technologist, and that seems to be the reason his company, EchoMail, is surviving today in the CRM (customer relationship management) space. His product actually works.”
The Wall Street Journal
“EchoMail Can Sort, Answer Deluge of Emails. The company’s program is designed to improve corporate responsiveness to Email by automating the processing.”
American Red Cross of Central New Jersey
“By becoming a sponsor of the 10th Annual Red Cross Gala, EchoMail became a significant part in helping us raise funds necessary to provide food, shelter, clothing and support to victims of disaster.”
Kevin Sullivan CEO
“Thanks for all your help. You’ve set the new gold standard in customer service.”
Matthew Childs Director of Interactive Services
FLW Outdoors
“EchoMail has been Highly Responsive to our needs and Provides extremely Reliable service.”
Dave Washburn
India West
“Some companies come storming into the business arena making a big stir, only to disappear in a puff of smoke. Other companies, like EchoMail Inc., founded by V.A. Shiva in 1995, build their technology ‘slowly and methodically’ making sure their products can deliver on its promises.”
Richard Springer
Sen. William Frist
“Most Emails from constituents still get a glance from staffers, but that’s not going to last for long. EchoMail is good enough to categorize most Emails and send appropriate responses.”
Sen. William Frist Tennessee Republican and technology enthusiast
Hilton Hotels & Resorts
“As of April 2007, the Hilton chain has 229 branded hotels across the world and has partnerships with many airlines and car rental companies. Hilton chose EchoMail in 2007 to enhance the quality of its service through world class customer response management enabled by EchoMail’s well researched Customer Care tools. Barry Hoffman is EchoMail’s contact at Hilton.”
“EchoMail provides excellent support, a great product, and they developed custom functionality based around my business. Their focus on me, the customer, is what made our partnership so successful. We can now do more with less!”
Daniel Fink Group Marketing Director
Internet Commerce Expo
“EchoMail has been a great tool for our organization. It has greatly facilitated the planning, implementation and precision of our marketing programs, resulting in a more efficient deployment of staff time and resources.”
Gateway, Inc.
“EchoMail’s technology and industry leadership position them well to define the e-customer relationship market. The company’s business solutions give us the ability to help our business clients leverage the Internet to deliver optimum customer service.”
Union Bank
“Started more than 13 years ago Union Bank stands for comprehensive financial solutions for individuals and businesses. Union Bank selected EchoMail as its strategic communication partner in 2005. Echomail helps Union Bank educate its customers on its financial schemes, future plans and stay in touch with them. Giovanna Minardi is EchoMail’s contact person at Union Bank.”
Yankee Candle
“Your team has been most responsive to our needs, you are an excellent service provider.”
Dana Springfield
Sands Anderson
“Sands Anderson is one of Virginia’s largest law firms today with over 75 attorneys and five offices. Sands Anderson chose EchoMail as its communication partner to help in reaching its newsletters on legal issues that it produced regularly to its client base and stay in touch with them. Russell Lawson is EchoMail’s contact at Sands Anderson.”
McDaniel’s Executive Recruiters
“M.E.R. is a highly specialized executive search firm. M.E.R. chose EchoMail’s well-researched outbound communication to stay in constant touch with its client base and maintain high-level communication updates with its senior contacts. Chad McDaniel is EchoMail’s main contact at M.E.R.”
Wheels, Inc.
“Everyone that I have had the opportunity to communicate with has provided quality service and assistance! I appreciate the help that I always receive, which in turn, makes my job less complicated.”
Jocelyn Flojo