Email Marketing and Much Much More

Contacts and Email Lists

With there is plenty of options for you to manage your Contacts and Email List.
Create Contacts

Creating a Contact can be done as simply as typing in an Email address
Use the Import feature to transfer your Contacts from text files
Transfer your Contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook
Use FTP to automate scheduled import of Contacts
Working with Contacts

Use Groups to organize Contacts. A Contact can belong to any number of Groups.
Create Groups directly from text files containing Contacts.
Store standard and special attributes with a Contact; use these attributes to target Groups with personalized messages.
Set up simple to complex Group definitions (criteria under which a Contact should belong to the Group); new Contacts matching a Group definition automatically get added to the Group.
Professional Templates Make Life Easier

Create professional Email messages quickly using our rich library of Templates
Templates organized under different categories – Newsletters, Offers, Events etc. enabling you to pick the right one for your purpose.
Insert /icomee-regs/images/new and text quickly with an intuitive editing interface
Track Activity with Reports

Get real-time reports to monitor the how well your Mailings are received
Get Delivery statistics – how many transmitted, how many bounced and how many were delivered
Monitor User activity as it happens – how many open your Email, how many read it, how many forward the Email etc.
Get detailed report on who clicked on what links within your Email
Further detailed report on who forwarded the Email, to whom and how many times.
Download Contact Email addresses of bounced Email and remove them from the Email List.
Download Contact Email addresses for each activity; create future Mailings based on activities of Contacts in prior Mailings.
Compare delivery and activity data for different Mailings to find out which performed better.
Complete the Circle by Tracking Customer Feedback and Sign-Ups

Use the wizard to quickly design a Sign-Up form right within
Host the Sign-Up form on your website and collect Email addresses.
Customer responses can be valuable sales leads; receive customer responses directly into, mark them as sales leads and follow through up until they Close.
Quickly reply to customer responses with pre-loaded Message Templates.